Dark Delicacies Book Signing June 23, 2012

Del Howison invited David and I to come up to Dark Delicacies, his really cool horror bookstore on Magnolia Boulevard in Burbank to sign The Fly at 50, which I co-wrote with David Goudsward.

 I invited Amanda Kelley to come with me as I have found that when I have to sign books  I get too busy to be of any help to David. Amanda has done three other shows with us and  knows how to help the fans pick out photos.

We arrived in Burbank about 1:15 PM. We had left Anaheim - where I was attending the American Library Association Annual Conference at Disneyland.  Traffic was not as bad as it could have been and we had time for a short detour down to Hollywood for Amanda to see the Stars on the Walk of Fame. 

We came into Burbank via Mulholland Drive and it was a lovely drive. Del gave us everything we needed - two tables and two easels. What a fabulous host. He made us a great window display with our names and the book cover. If you are ever in Burbank, go visit Dark Delicacies. His wife Sue, was a big help as well. They threw a great event for us.

David arrived about five minutes after we did. I recognized his knock on the back door. I  told Amanda to go out and help him unload his car. She asked me later how I knew it was him. I told her he knocks the same way on my con hotel doors. After nine years I know what David's knock sounds like.

I could see the back door from where I was setting up the tables. Amanda came in first, with the table sign and the Fly posters and David came with a much smaller suitcase then I expected. He told me he was going to pack light, since we only had a two hour signing.

I walked over and gave him a really big hug hello. He looked great in his bone sneakers, white pants - lime green tee and blue and green striped camp shirt. He looked me up and down and told me I looked pretty. I was wearing a cocktail pantsuit - about three shades dressier than my usual con attire. I thanked David for his compliment and told him that sometimes I had to "dress" for certain events at my University and this was one of those outfits. I was signing books, I figured I should dress a little.

We got David set with his markers and his pictures and his throat drops. I had brought him a little bottle of water as well. So with his signs up and his pictures out - and my books stacked next me - we were ready.

It was steady. Sue would sell them a book at the front desk, I would then sign it and then David would sign it and anything else they would want from the table. We had a good crowd.  David was kind and gracious to everyone who came by the store to see him and we stayed busy until it was time to go. A great time was had by all. 


Diane Kachmar
Diane's long report

Courtesy of Barbara Oriti

Courtesy of Amanda Kelley

Courtesy of Del Howison