Photos courtesy of Sandy Martinez

Hollywood Collectors Show
October 6 -7, 2007
Burbank, CA

Also appearing Brett Halsey, Luciana Paluzzi, Del Monroe, Allan Hunt and Terry Becker.

With BarBara Luna
and Martine Beswick

Photos courtesy of Linda Delaney

Photos courtesy of Jean Goyette

Linda Delaney's Convention Report

The Hollywood Collector's Show is legendary among autograph shows, for the people that they have and the crowds that they bring. This year, they featured Tony Curtis, Debbie Reynolds and Angie Dickinson, in addition to the Voyage crew. There were at least a hundred or so celebrities, and a number of 'Reunions', including, Three's Company, Little Shop of Horrors, Bond Ladies, and, of course, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, Five Fingers and License to Kill. There was also a Fly reunion with the original The Fly and The Son of the Fly. It was a pretty amazing show, and there were many other celebrities, but now to the Men of Voyage.

When Caitlin arrived in the hall at about 2:00 PM, we had to scan it to find where the guys were. There wasn't a map available, so we wandered a bit, until we saw a very distinguished man <VBG> standing and talking to another. David was wearing a dark blue shirt and chinos, smiling and laughing with Brett Halsey.

We went to the table and were the recipients of hugs and hellos, and questions about the trip and how we were doing. As always, David was caring and thoughtful, and wonderfully entertaining. He introduced us to Brett Halsey and his wife, Victoria, a lovely lady, and we chatted for a few more moments before we went two tables down to the 'Crew'. Del (With his wife, Linda,) Allan (and Pat Ames,) and Terry were all signing and busy ( it was a very busy show). We were greeted with hugs and kisses and lots of questions, and we settled in with Terry ( his wife, Linda had been sick and wasn't with him). Right behind Terry was another good friend, Ron Harper, and his companion, Peggy, and there was much laughter and sharing of stories, 'catching up' from the last time we all saw one another in January.

After I had talked with Terry et al for a bit, I watched and waited until David was free, and then brought him some Five Fingers photos that I had gotten on eBay. David started to look at them, then called Brett over, David's comment was "She was a beautiful girl! I should have married her." Brett looked at him, said, 'I did!" and they both chuckled. More about that later.

David gave me the photos back, and said, "Luciana is here, you know?"

I responded with a 'yes' and told him I would get to her table the next day. Today was for Voyage. David handed me back the pix, and we chatted a bit more, until I went back to sit with Terry, Allan and Del.

Unlike some shows, this one went fast, according to the guys, and when it hit 5:00PM everyone was rather surprised that their day had gone so quickly. Terry was going home to be with his wife, but Allan, Del and Ron were having dinner in the hotel, and Caitlin and I had dinner with them, Linda Monroe, Pat Ames, Peggy and Nicole Harper, Ron's daughter. She is a beautiful young woman, a college Freshman, poised, delightful and she really added to the evening. We all had a great time, and when we all said good night, we all promised to meet in the morning, back at the show.

Sunday Morning, Caitlin and I returned our rental car, and then returned to the show. David and Brett were there, and David was with Terry, telling or sharing some stories. We said our good mornings, got settled and prepared for the day. Talking with David, we were remarking how busy it was again, since traditionally, Sunday mornings at these shows are notoriously slow. Not this one. Business was good, if not brisk, for all of the Voyage Crew. Today, Del's wife, Linda had stayed home, but Terry's wife, Linda was feeling better, so she came to the show. All of the guys were interviewed for a local TV show, and a reporter for a local paper talked to each of them, David, Allan, Del and Terry for a time, in between sales of autographs. I took a short walk, and went over to Luciana's table, to get a photo autographed, and then had David sign it. We have a running joke, he and I. He always wants just to sign his name, and I always ask him to personalize it. He says, 'You'll get more money for it on ebay without it being personal." I say, " I'm not going to sell it!" He says, "When you die, your kids will!" I say, "Then its their problem!" and so on. He always personalizes it, and we always laugh about it.

Talking to Luciana was an absolute delight! She looked at the picture I had given her to sign, and she sighed, "Ahhh! David!! such a handsome and charming man!! He was so wonderful to work with! We had such fun!! It was really so sad when the show was cancelled. But we were up against Gunsmoke and Have Gun Will Travel... We never really had a chance. It was a lovely show, and Simone was a fun character to play!" We chatted a bit more, and then I said goodbye, and took the pix for David to sign.

Later in the day, Luciana went around the hall, and got to David and Brett. She introduced herself to Brett's wife, who was lovely and gracious, and the both ladies were really quite nice to one another. There were hugs and kisses and pictures were taken, and it was a lovely moment, for three lovely people.

Too soon, the show was over, and we were all packing to leave. I said good bye to David, just as he started packing, because once he starts, he's on his way. He hugged me and told me to have a safe trip, and told me to tell Jack Burke, our director at Shadow Lawn Stage, that he wants to come back to do another play for us. So if we find the right vehicle, who knows?? The guys packed up, and we went to dinner again with them, bringing the time at the show to a great ending. It was a good show, and all of the Voyage crew, from the Captain to the ratings, had a good show and a good time, and so did Caitlin and I.